Aidee Rodriguez, Mexico 

About the Shamans of ISS: 

Don Thomas Lake, Founder

Don Thomas Lake is an Anointed Shaman and the Founder of the International School of Shamanism. He has been blessed with a rich and varied background, enabling him to assist people from all walks of life. Don Thomas's passion is serving people from all walks of life as a spiritual teacher and guide, helping others find their personal spiritual center. The core of  his work is based on Unconditional Love and Acceptance, first of self and then of others - the essence of the person and not necessarily their behavior. Don Thomas believes each person comes into this life to fulfill a unique and vital purpose.  His passion is helping people discover their gifts while deepening their spiritual path.  

A Message from Don Thomas Lake

We have unlimited potential and greatness within us. We are born with unconditional love and acceptance, with ideals and dreams. We are born with spiritual wings which we sometimes forget how to use.  Our spiritual path offers us the opportunity to spread our spiritual wings and soar with freedom and purpose. 

I believe we all are teachers AND students, and given the opportunity, we can learn and teach one another always and in all ways. In my teachings around the world I have found that most of us long to speak our truth from the heart and to be loved and accepted just as we are. This  concept of unconditional love and acceptance is the core foundation of the teachings we offer. 

Please explore our site and attend our monthly Shamanic Healing Circles or one of International Shamanic Retreats. If you are curious about Shamanism or if we can be of service contact us:

Lisa Lake, Director

Lisa Lake is an Anointed Shaman and Director of the International School of Shamanism.  Her life experiences continue to teach her about healing and growth on her spiritual path.  After practicing Shamanism for several years, Lisa was anointed a Shamanic Mesa Carrier and continued practicing as a Shaman Apprentice and then was anointed as a Shaman with the International School of Shamanism in 2007.

Lisa blends her spiritual training as a Shaman with her background as a Nationally Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and a Karuna™ Reiki Master to help people heal in  body, mind and spirit through using her gift of moving energy through shamanic bodywork, journeys and meditations, sound therapy and energy work.  Lisa teaches Shamanic workshops internationally, leads Healing Circles, Meditation Circles, Women's Circles and offers private shamanic sessions.       

For more information on Healing Circles, Ceremonies, Shamanic workshops, private Shamanic sessions, or therapeutic energy work see our offerings page. 

Angela Prince, USA
Angela has been with the International School of Shamanism since 1990.  She is an anointed Shaman and is also a practicing R.N.  offering her shamanic gifts in service.  She practiced as a labor and delivery nurse for over 25 years and now offers her Shamanic gifts in helping people with hospice nursing care sharing her wisdom in helping people in their passage from this life.
Angela has taught Shamanic Workshops internationally, mentored students in the School as well as Shaman Apprentices in the School and led various shamanic activities.  She now makes her home in the North Carolina mountains where she enjoys homesteading and living off the land in nature.   

Hector Ortega, Mexico                                                                          

Hector Ortega is an anointed Shaman with the International School of Shamanism.  Hector's training as a Shamanic Mesa Carrier followed by his experience as a Shaman Apprentice led to his role of leadership with the International School Shamanism in Mexico then to anointing as a Shaman.  

Hector's gift of deep connection with Ancestral Spirits  and his ability to connect with people on a heart level are all instrumental in his role of working with people as a Spiritual Guide helping them find their unique expression of Spirit. 

Hector combines his Shamanic mission with his talents as a Director of Cinematography and has demonstrated his gift of creativity in many films.  One in particular, "De la Calle" tells the story of Mexico City's homeless street children bringing awareness of this social condition that the world needs to know about. 

Hector teaches Shamanic Workshops, leads shamanic activities in Mexico such as healing circles, shamanic journeys and a monthly spiritual sweat lodge.  Hector also offers private shamanic sessions in Mexico City. 


Tammy Crook-Grundy                                                              Canada

Tammy Crook-Grundy is an anointed Shaman with the International School of Shamanism in Ontario, Canada.  She has been practicing expressive arts therapy since 1996, with art being her life-long passion in her own journey and healing.

After practicing Shamanism since 2001 and then serving as a Shaman Apprentice and Spiritual Healer Teacher and Counselor for several years, Tammy was anointed as a Shaman by Don Thomas, Founder of International School of Shamanism.

Tammy's passions lie in creativity and nature while serving people in her role as a Shaman, a peaceful warrior, tree hugger and nature lover. Tammy teaches Shamanic workshops, leads Healing Circles, Meditation Circles and offers private shamanic sessions in Port Hope Canada near Ontario.

Becky Hirsch, Israel     

Becky Hirsch is an anointed Shaman with International School of Shamanism in Israel ,near Tel Aviv. Becky completed the Shamanic Mesa Carrier Program  and then served as a Shaman Apprentice before being anointed as s Shaman with International School of Shamanism.    

Through shamanic wisdom, Becky assists people in their healing process to find their cure, release blockages and restore balance and harmony in their lives. In addition to offering shamanic healing circles and private sessions, Becky also leads meditation circles, fire ceremonies and Sweat Lodge ceremonies. 

Becky's passions are deeply connected to the earth and nature's gifts of wisdom.  Like her spirit name, Shaman Tree Talker, Becky has a fortitude of strength and groundedness that emanates in a confident and nurturing way.   

Aidee Rodriguez, Mexico                                   

Aidee Rodriguez is an anointed Shaman with International School of Shamanism in Mexico City, Mexico.   With over a decade of service and experience with the School, she completed the Shamanic Mesa Carrier Program, served as a Shaman Apprentice and was then anointed as a Shamanic Healer by Shaman Don Thomas Lake. 

Aidee teaches Shamanic workshops, leads Shamanic Circles and Sweat Lodge ceremonies.  Aidee's background as a certified Yoga Instructor and her study of meditation practices are also weaved into her gifts as a Shaman. 

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